At OPTICLAND, we redefine how you see the world and how the world sees you. Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, our professional glasses shop stands as a beacon of excellence in eyewear solutions and personalized eye care by experienced Opticians and licensed Optometrists.

Why Opticland is the best glasses shop for foreigners?

Opticland is the best glasses shop for foreigners for the following 4 reasons.

  • There are expert optometrists who can speak English.
  • Provide service with willingness and friendliness.
  • There are a variety of eyeglass frames from leading brands.
  • Easy to travel in the middle of the city.


OPTICLAND glasses shop provides services through skilled yet friendly optometrists trained to understand customers more than just prescribing accurate eyeglasses based on their prescription. Because, for our optometrists, a perfect pair of eyeglasses means clear vision, comfortable wear, and suitability for the customer's lifestyle.

Napol Suthidechanai

Mr. Napol Suthidechanai is the son of the founder of OPTICLAND. He graduated from the Faculty of Optometry at Ramkhamhaeng University and the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering Chulalongkorn University. He has internship experience and work experience as follows:

  • Essilor Manufacturing (Thailand) Global Engineering Department (2011-2014)
  • OPTICLAND (2014-present)
  • Launched an eye examination unit together with Lion at Nakhon Si Thammarat Province (2017)
  • Guest lecturer in the Business Mindfulness and Care clinic project in the health category of BNI Thailand (2022 )

Yonthida Leela

A Top-Class Optometrist, Yonthida Leela graduated from the Faculty of Optometry at Ramkhamhaeng University. She has internship experience and work experience as follows:

  • Police Hospital (2021)
  • Eyeglasses shop MAWIN VISION (2021)
  • THE VISION OPTIC 2021 eyeglasses shop
  • Part-time at eyeglasses shop MAWIN VISION 2020
  • Seecret eyeglasses shop (2021)
  • Joined the line measurement unit with Lion at Ban Ko School, Bangkok (2019)
นักทัศมาตรประจำร้าน Opticaland

Nutthanan Sakulchaiwattana

Another Top-Class, Nutthanan Sakulchaiwattana graduated from the Faculty of Optometry Ramkhamhaeng University (Second class honor). She has internship experience and work experience as follows:

  • OPTICLAND eyeglasses shop
  • Johnson&Johnson Vision Company Thailand
  • Part-time at WALTZ eyeglasses shop
  • Bridder Eyeglasses Shop
  • Niche Nation Eyeglasses Shop

Opticland the best glasses shop in Bangkok

Opticland the best glasses shop in Bangkok. Our glasses shop has been providing vision care to both Thai and foreign customers for over 45 years. Our optometrists have expertise in giving advice on eye problems and using the information received to determine the true vision of customers in the standardized eye measurement process. We provide service with care and friendliness and a variety of quality products.


After an introduction to our optometrists, the first button to make a perfect pair of glasses is a precise prescription method and a few questions along the test to make us see through the problems beyond the numbers of eyesight power.



Our glasses shop carefully selects eyewear brands that use high-quality materials and offer customization options, as we believe that everyone's uniqueness and head shape require customized solutions. Eyeglass frames are primarily chosen for their functional aspects, imported from Europe and Japan, including top fashion brands worldwide. We curate these options for individuals with a penchant for regular eyewear use.



Our glasses shop imports high-quality optical lenses from leading optical lens manufacturers such as Essilor from France, HOYA, and Nikon from Japan. Every optical product will be recommended appropriately according to the customer's vision and lifestyle by an expert optometrist.


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Price and Value at Opticland glasses shop

Prescription - Free
Single Vision - Starting from 3,000 bath